Bundling and Business Insurance

Bundling and Business Insurance

You’ve likely seen and heard advertisements about bundling your personal insurance. On how bundling your auto and homeowners or renters’ insurance could potentially save you money. What about business insurance?

The reality is, bundling business insurance has always been a thing, and our independent insurance agents are experts at it. That’s because business insurance is actually a combination of coverage, designed for individual companies. The needed coverage can change by business and situation.

A business insurance plan could include any or all of the following:

Property Insurance. For businesses that own the real estate where they conduct business, insuring that property is critical. This typically protects a building in the event a fire or natural disaster along with vandalism.

Property Liability Insurance. Whether you rent or own the property where you conduct business, you could be subject to a liability claim resulting from a vendor or customer becoming injured on the property. Liability insurance can also financially protect you should an employee’s actions cause harm to another or to property.

Product Liability Insurance. This is a particularly critical form of insurance for companies who make products for use by others. This provides protection should a product cause harm to persons or property. Most business liability insurance policies include some form of this coverage, but for manufacturers, a free-standing product liability Insurance policy may be recommended.

Vehicle Insurance. If vehicles are used to conduct your business, even if they are your personal or the personal vehicle of your employees, you should have business vehicle insurance. This will protect your business if they are involved in a business-related incident.

Workers Compensation Insurance. This provides financial protection and medical treatment to your employees should they become injured while conducting work-related duties.

Business Interruption Insurance. This type of coverage ensures your business will have income should it be forced to close for a covered calamity.

Home Based Business Insurance. Home-based businesses fall into a unique category that still need insurance protection. If you have a home-based business, don’t make the mistake of believing you’ll be covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Contact us to discuss your home-based business needs.

Let our professionals build or “bundle” a business insurance program to protect your company. As independent insurance agents, we can review policies from a variety of companies to see which plan may be best for you. Contact us to get started today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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