Fear of Flying

Have you ever flown in a plane before? Do you ever consider what the worst thing that could happen is? A plane crash. Some people are terribly afraid of that occurrence, though the chances are slim.

So, what would happen if your plane crashed? In the event of a plane crash, you could be seriously injured or even die. Airlines will ask you if you’d like to include travel insurance for your flight. You can buy insurance that will cover 100% of the ticket price if something comes up that prevents your attendance on the flight. This, to me, is a no-brainer. Leave it to Life to throw you a curveball at the last second—make sure you’re covered.

Additionally, in the case of a crash, you can get Flight Insurance that will cover the costs of medical bills should you get seriously injured. Also, the policy can provide Life Insurance to protect your loved ones should you die on the flight. These endorsements are for peace of mind and for instant coverage if something happens.

This is optional, and if you’re seriously fearing your flight, this coverage may slightly relieve your anxiety.

 By: KayLynn

Be Confidently Insured.


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