Five Events That Should Trigger a Call to Your Life Insurance Agent

Five Events That Should Trigger a Call to Your Life Insurance Agent

Do you have life insurance? If you do, odds are you simply make your payments and don’t give it much thought. This is particularly likely even when you make payments by auto-pay. Oh, you may get a newsletter once in a while or a Christmas card, but for the most part, life insurance is low maintenance. There are times, however, when contacting your life insurance agent can be important. Beyond the death of an insured, here are five life events that should trigger a call to your life insurance agent.


There are several reasons to contact your life insurance when getting married. The first, of course, would be if a name change is involved for the insured. Marrieds may also want to change beneficiaries from a parent to their new spouse. Marriage can mean an increase in responsibilities, especially if children are involved. New marrieds may be able to benefit from a life insurance review to determine if current coverage is sufficient. Our independent insurance agents can help you choose affordable options.

The Birth of a Child

The birth of a child immediately creates more responsibility for parents that will last for decades. Life insurance can provide for childcare should there be a parental death. It could pay for college in the absence of a parent. A life insurance policy on a child is not only extremely affordable but may build cash value that the child may use later in life. Contact one of our agents to learn more about your options.

A Major Purchase

Another good opportunity to discuss your life insurance coverage is when you make a major purchase like an investment property, home or a business. Life insurance can minimize your risks and help assure your family is not left with more debt than they can handle in the event of death.

There Is a Change in a Beneficiary

There can be multiple reasons beneficiaries may change. It may be due to a divorce, marriage, a death or even a change of heart. It can be easy to overlook contacting your life insurance agent when this happens but it is critical. Changing a beneficiary is a relatively simple, but vital process.

When It Has Been Years Since You’ve Talked to a Life Insurance Agent

If it has been years since you’ve talked to a life insurance agent, contact one of our independent insurance agents for a no-obligation review. If you decide, you can benefit from an increase in coverage, we can shop multiple companies to find options. If you or someone you know has recently experienced a life change, contact an independent insurance agent soon. We look forward to assisting you.

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