Can I Buy Life Insurance if I’m Dying?

“Can I Buy Life Insurance if I’m Dying?”

and other Questions Life Insurance Agents Get

The importance of any insurance policy increases as the owner realizes they may actually need it. When one gets into an auto accident thoughts often quickly turn to if the last premium was paid and what coverage was secured. A home fire or theft may trigger thoughts from the homeowner whether enough, or the right kind of insurance was purchased. The same holds true for life insurance.

It is understandable, especially when young, thinking we are invincible and will live forever. Yet, most of us know someone who was tragically taken from us at a relatively young age by illness or an accident. We dismiss it as a long shot or a fluke. It is something that happens to someone else.

We somehow feel we will have another chance to buy life insurance.

That may not be true. In fact, once you are severely injured in a car accident or are diagnosed with a life threatening disease, the window may close on your chance to buy life insurance. Can you buy life insurance if you are dying? No more than you can buy auto insurance to cover you after an accident or protect your home as it is burning. The reality is the decision must be made ahead of time.

This takes a sense of responsibility, foresight and the willingness to spend a few dollars now to protect what you own and those you love later. Life insurance is particularly interesting in that we know it is inevitable to die. Yet, many of us wait. Putting the people we care about in jeopardy.

Life insurance is one of those subjects that we can only understand as responsible adults. It is neither sexy, exciting or something you look forward to acquiring. Once you obtain it in necessary levels, however, it can bring a peace of mind that is rewarding.

No, you can’t secure life insurance when you are critically ill and dying. It must be done with a sense of responsibility and compassion. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in acquiring it. It may even be your first life insurance policy, but it would be a start. Contact us for your no-obligation quote and a path to a responsible future.

Be Confidently Insured.


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