What You Can Learn From Reading Obituaries

What You Can Learn From Reading Obituaries

We’ve all known someone who has joked about reading the obituaries every day, just to make sure they are not listed there. Perhaps it is just dark humor or a way to deal with mortality. You can, however, learn quite a bit when reading obituaries in your local newspaper or online.

You Learn You Are Not Immortal

Sure, you know you are not going to live forever, but there is something about reading the obituary of someone your age or (gasp) even younger that is quite sobering. Dark humor aside, it is attention-getting.

How Many People Are Impacted By Their Death

Obituaries include a list of relatives who have preceded them in death and those who are left behind. This often includes a spouse, children or grandchildren. These are not just names in a newspaper but real people who are likely grieving.

If They Had Enough Life Insurance

While it is not always the case, some families will request memorials be made directly to the funeral home to help defray the costs of final expenses. Even a relatively modest life insurance policy could make that unnecessary.

Who Their Favored Charities Were

Obituaries often indicate charities the deceased supported while living or even provide clues to the cause of death by requesting donations to a charitable cause.

Life insurance can help address each of the above pieces of information. No, you will not certainly outlive your obituary, and there are likely plenty of loved ones you may leave behind. Life insurance can not only cover final expenses, but it can help you leave a financial gift behind for children or even grandchildren. In some cases, life insurance has been used to support cherished charitable causes upon the death of the insured.

Do you find yourself paying just a little more attention to obituaries lately? Perhaps it is time for a life insurance review and quote from one of our independent insurance agents.

It is certainly understandable to read obituaries. Especially if we can take something from them.

Be Confidently Insured.


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