America’s Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

America’s Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

If you were asked to guess the most frequently made resolution made every New Year’s, what would you say it is? Many would guess “losing weight.” The reality is however, “losing weight” isn’t at the top of the list or even second. What are the New Year’s resolutions that most in this country decide upon?

1. Exercising More

While closely related to losing weight, actually exercising more frequently is the most popular of all the New Year’s resolutions made in this country. A full 50% of people of make resolutions identify exercise as one of the items on their priority list heading into the new year.

2. Saving Money

Following exercise, financial concerns makes the most popular list for New Year’s with 49% including “saving money” on their agenda. Saving money can include everything from turning off lights in unoccupied rooms to putting back a certain percentage of your income each month. It could also include a free, no obligation insurance review, by the way, should you have “saving money” among your resolutions.

3. Eating Healthier

About 43% of people who make resolutions will mention healthier eating among them. This is not always easy as eating healthier is often more expensive than eating fast food. Perhaps that is the reason so many place “saving money” at #3.

4. Losing Weight

Here it is (pun intended) the elephant in the room when it comes to the 4th most often mention New Year’s resolution on people’s lists. About 37% of those making resolutions place “losing weight” in the top four. It is actually encouraging that most recognize that exercising and healthier eating habits are critical to losing weight.

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